About us – Fischer IMZ

A part of the Fischer Group based in Emsdetten, Fischer Industriemotorenzubehör GmbH & Co. KG is a long-standing and experienced supplier and service partner of fire protection solutions for all types of machine and engine rooms. As a partner to the premium Swedish manufacturer Fogmaker (www.fogmaker.de), Fischer advises all parties interested in fire protection investments.

“An ignition source can occur faster than you think”, says Ingo Ubrich (Business Unit Head Fischer IMZ). “It doesn’t necessarily have to be a technical defect, but can also be caused by human error, such as an oil-soaked rag on the exhaust manifold.” He then adds: “Increasingly strict engine emission limits call for high exhaust gas temperatures to make sure that the particulate filters and SCR systems work smoothly. This increases the risk of fire.”

The fully automatic Fogmaker extinguishing system exploits the excellent properties of a high-pressure water mist to fight the fire at its source. Finely sprayed water mist displaces the oxygen that the fire needs to spread and lowers the ambient temperature very quickly. Water is used as the extinguishing agent, as it is entirely harmless to people and the environment. Maintenance and servicing costs remain low throughout the entire service life, as the extinguishing agent containers do not require replacement after they have been triggered, but can be reused after inspection and refilling. Fischer stocks all the liquids and spare parts required for this purpose. In addition, the specialists from Emsdetten provide professional installation of the fire protection solution and offer comprehensive services.

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