SMF-AR - Product Description

The soot particle filter system SMF®-AR (sintered metal filter with self-sufficient thermal regeneration) can be used in applications with low exhaust gas temperatures. The particulate filter can be regenerated in almost any engine operating point regardless of temperature. The required temperature for soot burn-off is generated by the SMF®-AR system itself.

With the SMF®-AR system, the exhaust gas is filtered until an optimal amount of soot has accumulated on the filter for regeneration. The system uses the positive properties of a fuel additive, which on the one hand lowers the soot ignition temperature and on the other hand increases the soot burning speed. The stored soot can therefore be burned off independently in a regeneration at an exhaust temperature of about 400 °C. If the necessary temperature is not reached, as is often the case in the low load range, the active regeneration support of the system is used in the form of a thermoelectric heating system.

The control unit initiates (active) regeneration via circular heating elements. The radiant energy of the heating elements ignites the accumulated soot and the regeneration process ends independently after the initial ignition of the soot layer. The soot burn-off takes place at regular intervals. With the help of the control unit, however, not only the ignition of the soot is initiated, but also the optimal additive quantity is dosed, the necessary filter load is determined and the most favorable time for regeneration is determined with the help of a corresponding sensor system.

Applications of SMF®-AR systems

Construction machinery, forklifts, work platforms, telehandlers, mini excavators, wheel excavators, generator sets


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