Fogmaker – Product Description

Fischer IMZ is fogmaker's official sales and service partner. For more information, see and . With more than 50 country representations and installations of more than 130,000 systems, Fogmaker is the market leader for automatic fire protection systems in engine rooms.

System description

FOGMAKER is a range of fixed, fully automatic fire suppression systems with high-pressure water mist to cover a wide range of rapid-response fire-fighting requirements. Our certified specialists can professionally install the fire protection system for customers based in Germany in just a few hours.


The occurrence of a fire in a vehicle’s engine compartment or a machine calls for a rapid but prudent response. The Fogmaker fire suppression system detects and extinguishes fire in seconds, before major damage can even occur.

  1. Extinguishing agent tank
  2. Release valve
  3. High-pressure extinguishing agent distribution system (infeed – stainless steel distributor – high-pressure extinguishing nozzles)
  4. Detection agent pressure tank
  5. Detection hose made of special polymer with stainless steel spiral guard

The extinguishing agent tank (1) is filled with extinguishing fluid and nitrogen and has a pressure of 100–105 bar. The detection agent pressure tank (4) is filled with a liquid and nitrogen and has a pressure of 24 bar. In the event of a fire, the detection hose (5)bursts and the pressure in the detection system drops. The release valve (2) on the extinguishing agent tank opens. The extinguishing agent is pressed through the nozzles of the distribution system (3). During expansion, the water mist grows to 1700 times the original volume of the water and displaces the oxygen that the fire needs in order to spread. One litre of extinguishing agent extracts approx. 540,000 calories from the immediate environment during evaporation and cools the engine compartment by more than 700 °C in just 10 seconds. The fire suppression system has both an acoustic (6) and an optical alarm (7). In addition, the alarm display (8) indicates the system status for the driver. The fire suppression system can be activated electrically (9) or mechanically (10).

How it works – Effective fire suppression

The Fogmaker fire protection system uses the cleanest type of extinguishing agent: WATER. The high pressure combined with the minimal amount of foam additive used in the extinguishing agent (AFFF) combats all three factors that help fire to spread: HEAT, OXYGEN, FUEL.

OXYGEN – Displacement

When a single litre of water is evaporated, up to 1,700 litres of water vapor are produced. This leads to an efficient displacement of oxygen atoms in the air and supports the "knockdown effect" for the fire.

FUEL – Suffocation

The 3% addition of AFFF forms a protective skin on the components in the engine compartment. In this way, contact between oxygen and the hot surfaces is prevented and a re-ignition of the fire is prevented.

OUR SERVICE – for you

Fischer IMZ offers you full service around the Fogmaker fire protection systems, from consulting and new installation to annual inspections and revisions of your extinguishing agent containers. If you are interested in carrying out the annual review yourself, we will provide you with tailor-made training for you and your service staff.